Our Food Vision

The cuisine at Steel & Rye is based on artisan products prepared in methods rooted in tradition by people that inspire us.  Heritage & heirloom vegetables, grains, pastured meat and poultry, line caught and hand gathered seafood.  A hand crafted cuisine that reflects our diverse American culture honoring genuine values and hospitality.  A relentless effort to fulfill our mission to present a culinary version of Americana.

 Echoing our cuisine philosophy, the Beverage Program features well-made beer, cocktails inspired by the American classics and boutique wines from the US and around the world that focus on quality ingredients and upstanding craftsmanship.  A rotating selection will showcase many off the beaten path products.




Joining the Neighborhood

Operating out of an old garage in Lower Mills, Steel & Rye takes its cues from the great history surrounding its location. The neighborhood, originally an agricultural center bordering the city’s limits, was founded on local farming, milling and manufacturing. Steel & Rye embraces this strong American heritage.

Co-Owners Dan Kerrigan and Bill Scannell teamed up to open the restaurant in 2012. The notion of Americana sets the tone for the restaurant's food, beverage and laid back style.

Steel & Rye has stolen hearts and garnered dozens of accolades: The Boston Globe gave Steel & Rye three stars in 2013; Boston magazine named it “Best Restaurant, General Excellence, South of Boston” in 2014 and deemed its service “impeccable,” as well as awarded it “Boston’s Best New Restaurant, South” in 2013.

The restaurant’s name, while certainly a fitting descriptor of the restaurants steel-framed space & Americana cuisine, was chosen to serve as a link to the neighborhood’s historic past. Lower Mills was an agricultural hub of the 1600’s, turned working factory town in the 1800’s. It is this neighborhood story, industrial & agricultural, which inspired the name Steel & Rye.